Cheque Casinos - Safe Deposit

In a world of finance that has significantly evolved, some people would not imagine that checks could be used in any kind of transaction, leave alone online casino gaming. However, any online live casinos are happy to accept this method of payment for deposits into a player's account. The centuries-old payment method still thrives, both in its traditional form and a slightly evolved form.

Although the number of live online casinos accepting checks is thinning by the day, there are some that preserve the tradition. They want people from previous generations who want to enjoy live dealer online casinos to do it in a classic way- like they were in 1976.

Cheque Casinos - Safe Deposit
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Depositing with Checks at Live Casinos

Yes, it is a bit cumbersome depositing in modern live casinos with checks. But if a player wants to go this route, they need to write a check and mail it to the live casino's physical address. The fastest way to do this is by courier service. Once the company receives the check, they deduct cash from the bank account and deposit it in the player's casino account. The deposit method process may take a day or longer.


In a bid to fuse modern technology and classic feels, some casinos have adopted e-checks as part of their accepted payment methods. These checks are written and sent over the internet. There are tools that allow bank account holders to append their signatures online.

This kind of check is much faster than the pen-and-paper type. It is almost similar to using all other digital payment methods; transactions reflect immediately. E-checks are ideal when playing live games as players don't have to wait for ages before they have a usable casino balance.

Why Use Checks in Live Casinos?

Legit question, no doubt! Checks are popular with people who want to track their live casino expenses properly. This is most common among pro gamblers who need to provide proof of their spending ever so often. Check transactions are more professional proof of transactions than simple bank statements.

Others use this method to retain the classic feel of playing in physical casinos. Moreover, checks grant users a high level of safety and security.

Checks are connected directly to the bank account because that is where the amount indicated is drawn from. It is, therefore, a direct deposit from the bank to the casino. Unless the casino has a limit, there is no limit to how much can be deposited using a check.

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