Top 10 MasterCard Live Casinos

MasterCard is an American corporation with its headquarters in New York. It is used throughout the world to process payments between banks. One of its innovations is the introduction of prepaid debit cards, for consumers who do not have a bank account.

One of the major payment networks that dominate global finance. Cards are issued by banks all over the world, and thousands of Mastercard transactions are made every minute. This ubiquity means that it is a prevalent deposit method at live casinos and is supported by the vast majority of gaming companies.

Choosing the right payment option for your desires, MasterCard is widely accepted in many live casinos and offers many benefits with its reliable payment system that will make your live casino experience a great one. Below, you will find the most highly recommended casinos accepting Mastercard.

Top 10 MasterCard Live Casinos
About Mastercard

About Mastercard

Traded on the New York Stock exchange, Mastercard is clearly a leading payment system. Of course, very few firms make the cut to this trading platform, and the fact that Mastercard managed to get there says it all about a company, which was launched in 1966 by a group of California-based banks.

With well more than half a century years in existence, Mastercard has stood the test of time, and that's why it continues to conquer the money world, including online casinos. What else is more reliable than Mastercard when it comes to depositing funds into your live casino account?

Not only is Mastercard a trusted and reliable payment system in the online gambling landscape, but the system is also a favorite for the majority of online gambling platforms. We could perhaps say that only Visa beats Mastercard in popularity when it comes to making deposits at live casinos.

Mastercard comes in a variety of forms, including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, digital wallets, and Masterpass, just to ensure that users choose what works best for them for the best experience. Having said that, let's now turn our attention to how you can use Mastercard at a live casino online.

General information

FoundedPurchase, Harrison, New York, USA
EstablishedNovember 1966
HeadquartersUnited States
Payment TypeCredit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card
About Mastercard
Best Live Casinos with Mastercard

Best Live Casinos with Mastercard

A majority of the live casinos have MasterCard on the list of preferred deposit methods. The best part about this payment option is that it makes payment super easy. With MasterCard, customers do not have to spend too much time or have any trouble replenishing their accounts' funds to continue playing.

As mentioned in the opening remarks, Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods embraced by both live casinos and players. We will be looking at the reasons for this later in this article. When it comes to funding your casino account using Mastercard, the process is both simple and fast.

Deposit with Mastercard at Live Casinos

Navigate to your casino's available payment methods and choose Mastercard as your payment method. In doing so, you must be a registered Mastercard user.

  1. A player needs to ascertain and ask what online casino that accepts MasterCard payments.
  2. Once that is done, you will be required to provide some vital information, including your card's CVC code, card number, and full name. You will also need to provide your card's expiration date.
  3. The player should enter the desired deposit amount
  4. Authorize the transaction

Usually, money should be available in your casino account instantly. And while you will need to use the same procedure for withdrawals, the latter may take longer depending on the Mastercard casino in question. That said, you should expect money in your account within 24 hours.

Best Live Casinos with Mastercard
How to Make a Withdrawal with MasterCard

How to Make a Withdrawal with MasterCard

Making withdrawals via MasterCard can be a breeze.

  • A player has to start by logging into his casino account.
  • Before making the withdrawal request, they must ensure he has enough funds in the live casino account to withdraw the amount he desires.
  • The player has to navigate to the banking page of the live casino and choose the withdrawal option. The next step is to select MasterCard among the available withdrawal methods offered by the casino.
  • For first-time withdrawals, the player will have to enter their card details. The player will only need to choose the MasterCard for subsequent withdrawals to which the casino will transfer the funds.
  • Lastly, the player should input the desired withdrawal amount, complete the authentication process, and submit the withdrawal request.

Withdrawal Limits- The limits for withdrawals made via MasterCard vary among the different live casinos. Some live casinos allow players to withdraw whichever amount they want per their casino account balance. Others limit the maximum and minimum amount that players can withdraw from their gambling accounts. To find out more regarding limits, players need to visit the relevant casino site from which they intend to make withdrawals.

Processing Times- The withdrawal processing times also vary for different live casinos. However, they usually take significantly longer than deposits. In most cases, it takes up to three business days.

MasterCard Account Opening Process

To use MasterCard for depositing or withdrawing funds to or from a live casino account, the player needs to obtain a:

  • MasterCard credit
  • Debit
  • Prepaid card

A player will need to apply for one from his financial institution to get any of these cards. With all the qualifications met, the player will be approved for a MasterCard and receive it within a few hours.

Players can only obtain a MasterCard from their banking or finance institutions. That means the players need to have a bank account with the provider to get and utilize a MasterCard. Most financial institutions have an age limit regarding applying for a MasterCard, usually set at 18 years.

How to Make a Withdrawal with MasterCard
Mastercard Supported Currencies and Countries

Mastercard Supported Currencies and Countries

Mastercard is one of the leading types of credit cards in the global market, so it's a popular choice for live casino payments. In 22 countries around the world, Mastercard is the most popular provider — this includes locations such as Australia, as well as Canada in North America, and Brazil and Chile in South America. The credit card type is also popular in Europe and Africa and is the most commonly used provider in markets such as:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even in markets where Mastercard is not the most popular credit card provider, this type of card is still accepted and supported. Mastercard supports transactions across a number of different currencies, making it a very popular choice for live casino management teams and customers alike.

Mastercard Supported Currencies and Countries
Ease of Use Thanks to Existing Cards

Ease of Use Thanks to Existing Cards

Customers may find that they do not need to download any additional apps or software when they use Mastercard to deposit funds. This is highly beneficial, as many consumers — particularly in the markets listed above — will already have a Mastercard, and so they will appreciate the convenience this brings.

There is also an advantage when it comes to bonuses. While some live casinos will place restrictions on different types of payment — for example, excluding some payment types from certain bonuses — this is not usually the case with Mastercard. This may mean that Mastercard users enjoy broader access to bonuses.

Ease of Use Thanks to Existing Cards
Top Casino Bonuses for Mastercard

Top Casino Bonuses for Mastercard

Cashback Bonuses

Live casinos may offer Mastercard users cashback bonuses. This occurs when the casino offers consumers some of their money back after they have incurred losses during gameplay. The aim is to soften the experience of losing during casino play and provide gamers with a safety net. Read more about Cashback bonuses here.

Full deposit bonuses

The casino may agree to match the player's deposit, giving them additional money to play with. So, if the customer uses their Mastercard to credit their live casino account, they may be eligible to receive a 100% bonus — for example, an extra $100 on top of the initial $100 deposit.

Partial deposit bonuses

Some casinos may offer partial deposit bonuses to Mastercard players. This type of bonus may be applied if the player has not deposited enough money to meet the 100% bonus requirements, or it may simply be a more cost-effective player bonus for the casino. For example, the player may put down $50 and receive a 50% bonus, leaving the customer with $75 to play with.

Free spins

A free spin is when the casino provides players with a free try at a casino game. This may be a literal free spin on a live roulette wheel, or it may simply refer to any attempt on any game, offered to players free of charge. There may be a wager requirement on these free spins, or the live casino may provide spins with no such parameters in some cases. Read more about free spins here.

Welcome bonuses

A live casino may offer a welcome bonus to new players visiting the organization for the first time, and they may extend this bonus to players using Mastercard to fund their casino account. This type of bonus may include some of the above categories, such as first deposit bonuses or free spins for new players, but they will not be offered to returning players. Read more about welcome bonuses here.

Loyalty bonuses

The live casino loyalty bonus provides additional extras to returning customers or to customers who meet certain requirements. For example, repeatedly depositing a certain amount of money each month may be rewarded by the casino, or players might receive a reward for returning to the casino for several months in a row. This type of bonus will be more viable in the long term than a welcome bonus for new players. Read more about Loyalty bonuses here.

Top Casino Bonuses for Mastercard

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Why use Mastercard at an online casino?

The answer is simple. Mastercard is one of the most trusted and secure payment providers on the globe today. They were one of the very early players in the finance industry and have a huge number of users in different countries. The power of this brand means that they use the best and brightest staff. The most modern software and fraud prevention are also used by Mastercard. The company issues all sorts of different products through separate financial businesses. They issue a debit or credit card to players.

How do you get a Mastercard for playing at an online casino?

A Mastercard is issued by various banking institutions and payment providers. You need to meet the requirements of that payment provider. The person applying usually has to be over 18 and should have good credit for a card to be issued. An application requires an online form to be filled with the relevant information.

Do fees apply for Mastercard?

Mastercard has several fees including withdrawal fees, payment processing fees, and late fees. It is important to check the fees of the business that issued the card. They will usually have a webpage with a chart of fees. It is also possible to contact them directly to ask about the fees. Please be aware that Mastercard may charge separate fees from an online casino. Many online casinos also have charges.

Which currencies can be used

The currency that you use will depend on your location and which currency you choose at an online casino. The default currency is usually the one used on an application. Also, a payment is made on your account in the default currency. For example, if the card was issued to a player in the U.S.A, payments on the account should be made in this currency. The currency that you use when withdrawing also depends on the country.

Is Mastercard safe?

Mastercard is a big player on the market, and their player's safety is a big deal. Online casino players use secure code when making a deposit which means that online fraud is minimized. Furthermore, Mastercard will not let players make transactions if they have changed location too many times. Its fraud prevention is top-notch. Any suspect transactions can be reported and a refund issued once investigated. Mastercard uses the latest fraud prevention software and encryption like many other modern payment providers.

Will Mastercard issue a card immediately if it is lost or stolen?

A player's lost or stolen card will not work once it has been reported to the relevant payment provider. That means it will not work for deposits or withdrawals at an online casino. A replacement card can usually be issued in a few days. It may even take up to a week and depends on the location it is being sent to.

Is it possible to withdraw winnings from an online casino with Mastercard?

It depends on the online casino. Some casinos allow players to withdraw money from their cards. The player may then withdraw the cash at an ATM. The issuer may also put limits on withdrawals and fees. Check with both the online casino and Mastercard for more information about making withdrawals from an ATM.

Who can get a Mastercard?

Usually, cards are only issued to individuals over the age of 18 years old. Children are not permitted to sign up for a card. The person making a Mastercard application must have good credit and be able to provide important personal information. Such information might include a phone number, email, passport, driver's license, and other documents.

Is Mastercard popular?

Mastercard is one of the top leading payment methods out there.

How long is Mastercards processing time at live casinos?

The processing time for Mastercard is usually up to 3 days.