October 24, 2021

How to Play at the Best Live Casinos

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It’s an open secret that the best live casinos are taking over the gambling scene. Today, most players prefer playing against the house and other players in a live setting rather than shooting in the dark with RNG games.

How to Play at the Best Live Casinos

But if you’ve just created a live casino account today, it’s come not to know how things work on these streets. So, this guide furnishes you with helpful tips to get started at a live casino on a front foot.

How to Place Your First Live Casino Bet

Before learning how to place a pioneer bet, it’s vital to note that live dealer games are playable on mobile or computer. In addition, the games are streamed in crystal clear HD quality from live casino studios.

Now follow these simple steps to place a live casino bet:

  1. Find a regulated live casino like William Hill and create an account. Then, claim your welcome bonus, if any.

  2. Then, find the “live casino” tab and click it to reveal the available table games. Choose one that appeals to you.

  3. In the live dealer room, you’ll see a chat window where players converse with the dealer. Remember to be respectful and polite.

  4. Finally, place a stake and then use the in-game buttons to play the game. It’s that easy!

Note: Most live croupiers are more than willing to help novice players settle inside the casino. So, ask them anything regarding your very first bet.

Best Games to Play at a Live Casino

As said above, there’s a plentiful supply of table games at the best live casinos. So, this section discusses the best live casino games not to miss as a beginner:

Live Roulette

Any seasoned live casino player will tell you that roulette isn’t the best table game to play. Of course, that’s partially true, especially when looking from the profitability angle. But what makes roulette perfect for beginners is its simplicity and a small number of bets.

However, always play at the European wheel (2.7%) instead of the American wheel (5.25%).

Live Baccarat

As a new player, you may think that live baccarat needs a huge bankroll to play. But that’s not true because this game of chance is one of the most affordable to play online. Also, just like live roulette, baccarat has straightforward gameplay rules and fewer bets to make. And yes, the house edge is pretty low.

Live Poker

As your tactical prowess continues to improve, it’s time to take on one of the most player-friendly table games. With live poker, players enjoy multiple variations, each coming with a tantalizing house edge. For instance, using an optimal poker strategy on Jacks or Better slashes the house edge to less than 0.50%.

Live Blackjack

Lastly, never skip a chance to play the most popular table game – live blackjack. While you certainly need a learning curve to play this game, the result justifies the effort. For instance, blackjack rules are similar across most casinos. The objective here is to better the dealer’s hand while not going bust. Also, card counting is legal.

Ready to Play Now?

These are the basics to get started at an online live casino. But before staking real money, ensure that a gambling bank roll is available to play multiple hands. This also ensures a fun experience without going overboard financially.

Also, use the live casino promotions prudently. These rewards can improve your playtime and boost your bankroll in the process. Plus, always play games of skill like poker and blackjack to control the gameplay results. Enjoy!

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