Best Casino Holdem Live Casino in 2023

Live Casino Hold'em is one of the most popular and exciting poker variations around the globe. It is a variation of the five-card Texas Hold'em poker game. Live Casino Hold’em is a game made by the provider Evolution Gaming, which is easily accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. A thrilling action with the live dealer and a game that is well known and played by poker enthusiasts. We have created a complete list of everything players need to become successful at this game. Players from any experience can now enjoy this excellent live game.

Best Casino Holdem Live Casino in 2023
General Information of Casino Hold'em

General Information of Casino Hold'em

Game NameCasino Hold'em
ProviderEvolution Gaming
Type of GameLive game
General Information of Casino Hold'em
How to play live Casino Holdem

How to play live Casino Holdem

Anyone who has not played live Casino Holdem will find that it is actually very similar to the standard game of Texas Holdem, but there are a few differences. The player is restricted when it comes to placing a bet and instead of playing against other players, the game is actually against the casino. The game was developed in the early 2000s and is available at a number of live casinos.

The Rules of live Casino Holdem

The first step to playing live Casino Holdem is placing an ante. The value will depend upon the table limits and it will impact the next bet. Both the player and the dealer get two cards. The dealer’s cards are placed face down. The next card to be dealt is the flop and the player then has to decide if they wish to carry on or not. This decision comes down to how strong the hand is. The player has the option to fold at this point but they will concede the ante bet.

If the player continues, they can then call for double the amount of the ante bet. The dealer then hands out the Turn and River cards and it is at this point that the dealer will reveal their own hand. The dealer can only play on if they have at least one pair in their hand. This relies on their best hand from the five cards. If there is a pair on the board then it is automatic that the hand the dealer holds is a qualifying hand and they won’t need to take their whole cards into consideration.

The Bets

Naturally, as the player is playing against the house, if the dealer has the best hand, then both the ante and call bets are lost. However, if the dealer’s hand is not sufficient for them to continue to play then the player will win the ante bet and gets their call bet back. If the dealer does have a qualifying hand but loses the game, the player will win on both their bets. There are different rates of payouts for the different bets.

Call bets are paid out to the player as even money. The ante bet has different levels of payout depending on what the winning hand is. A player with a Royal Flush will be paid out at 100-1, while a Straight Flush is paid out at 20-1. A hand that contains four of a kind will attract a rate of 10-1 and a Full House is 3-1. A Flush is just 2-1 and a Straight or less will pay out at even money.

How to play live Casino Holdem
Live Casino Holdem Strategy

Live Casino Holdem Strategy

The Casino Holdem game is not simply a decision as to whether or not to fold on the flop. The player needs to take into consideration a number of other factors.

An inexperienced player who keeps folding will be conceding too many ante bets. It is important to keep in mind that the dealer has to qualify to continue. The player’s hand can always improve with the Turn and River cards. What all this means in practice is that there are many variables so first glance at the player’s hand is not always the best way to decide on continuing.

There are a few simple ‘rules’ that the player can remember when deciding to improve winning chances. The player should always call if they have a pair or higher, if they are holding Ace high or King high or with two overcards. The player should call if they only need one card to get a flush or straight and they should call if they have Queen high or Jack high, provided the board is not suited. It is recommended to fold if the board is paired unless the player holds a card worth 10 or more and definitely fold on anything else.

Other live casino games similar to Casino Hold'em are the traditional game Poker or Texas Hold'em.

Live Casino Holdem Strategy
Live dealer casino software providers

Live dealer casino software providers

For players that are based outside the US, Evolution Gaming is one of the main providers of software for live Casino Holdem games. Evolution is used as the platform for many online casino sites and has proved to be very secure and reliable for players worldwide. Betsoft and NetGen are others that are rising in popularity too.

For players that are within the US, the game is offered by the Vegas Technology studio. However, there are more software providers and casinos that offer live Casino Holdem games and it is worth checking out a few more to test the quality of the game.

Live dealer casino software providers
Playing live Casino Holdem with real money

Playing live Casino Holdem with real money

Not every online Casino Holdem game involves using real money. Players often have the option to sign up to a casino and play ‘demo’ or practice games, where they can play without using real money to place a bet while they learn the rules of the game and figure out their own strategy. Not all online live casinos offer this option so a bit of research before signing up is a good idea. It is worth finding one that does offer the practice games though as it gives the player more time to learn the game.

The players at real money sites are generally very good. The good news about live Casino Holdem is that anyone playing the game is only playing against the house and not against other players, so the standard of play among others is not so important. The main thing to remember is to learn the game, use the demo options to practice, and develop strategies that will give a better chance of winning.

Playing real money games

Every live casino has a different ‘minimum’ that a player should deposit into their account in order for them to play online but for the most part, there is rarely a minimum amount that a player should bet on the game. Buy-ins are not the same at online live casinos as they are bricks and mortar casinos so the player should never worry about how much money they will need for a game. Most online games will give the option to place fairly small bets.

It is also important to remember that there is the option with online casinos to put limits onto an account so no one should worry that they are spending more than they can afford to spend. It is a good idea to take advantage of this. Not only will this help to manage spending it will encourage more careful thought when playing each game so that money is not wasted.

Playing live Casino Holdem with real money

Latest news

Everything About Live Casino Hold’em

Everything About Live Casino Hold’em

In 2000, Stephen Au-Yeung designed live Casino Hold’em, the first live poker variant. Today, it remains one of the most popular casino games at the best live casinos. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, where players make a five-card hand that beats the dealer’s hand.


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How do you win at Casino Holdem?

You win at Casino Hold'em if your hand is better than the dealers, but the dealer's hand is only playable if it is above pair of fours (or better).

What is Casino Holdem?

This is a version of the classic poker game Texas Hold'em, but instead of playing other players, you play the Casino.

Can you play Casino Holdem at a live casino?

The answer is yes, a player can play Casino Holdem at a live casino. There are several online live casinos that offer Casino Holdem so it is worth checking a few different casinos to find out which games they offer before signing up.

Is Casino Holdem beatable?

It is possible to beat Casino Holdem. This is a fairly simple game in that the player is only playing against the house and does not have to worry about what other players are doing. It means that the player only has to beat one other player and that player can only continue in the game if they have at least one pair in their hand so there are many factors in the player’s favour before the game begins.

Where is Casino Holdem most popular?

Casino Holdem is popular both in the US and in the UK and Europe. It is a simpler version of Texas Hold’em thanks to the fact that the player only plays against the house and it has captured the imagination of players all over the world.

Can you play Casino Holdem for real money?

Real money games are very popular although there is the option to play demo games for practice that don’t use real money.

Can you make money playing live Casino Holdem?

There is no guarantee that anyone can make a lot of money playing Casino Holdem. Developing a strategy can help to boost chances of winnings but it is still reliant on the player getting a good hand that beats that of the dealer.

How do I increase my chances of winning Casino Holdem?

The best way to improve chances of winning live Casino Holdem is to learn the rules and develop a strategy for playing. The tips given above are a great start. Use the demo games to get used to how it works before gambling with real money.

Why is Casino Holdem so popular?

Part of the popularity of the game lies in the fact that the player is only playing against the house and not against a group of other players. It helps to focus the game and the way that bets are placed and paid out also makes it easier for the player to understand the game.

What is the best Casino Holdem strategy?

There is a basic strategy outlined above and this is a good place to start. Once the player has learned these basics they can then tweak their strategy to suit their own playing style.