Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Gibraltar is a small-sized Western European territory. It actually measures about 2.6 square miles. Nevertheless, it is a vital cog in the online casino gambling machine. That's why the territory has what is known as the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) in place to regulate and license all live casino online operations happening within its jurisdiction.

Types of GRA Licenses
Types of GRA Licenses

Types of GRA Licenses

Depending on the type of gambling activity an operator is engaging in, they may, among others, apply for any one of the following licenses from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

  • Casino license
  • Gaming machine license
  • Bookmaker's license
  • Lottery license


The GRA is known to be one of the most strict licensing authorities, especially in casino gaming. In fact, the body only licenses casinos in the "blue chip" category. What this simply means is that only well-known, big casino brands qualify to acquire the GRA license. Small casino brands find it challenging to make the cut.

All GRA-licensed casinos are required to have a massive sum of liquid cash to pay out winners. To determine how much money a casino should have, the body collects data about the establishment's revenue regularly. Non-compliance to GRA requirements may lead to license withdrawal. This should give Gibraltar players peace of mind.

Types of GRA Licenses